The chimney is a IMPORTANT ELEMENT OF THE HEAT , but often not treated like other components, such as the burner and boiler.

For several years now are increasing domestic accidents, air pollution and energy just because of BAD FUNCTIONING OF SMOKE EXHAUST SYSTEMS.

Consequently increased attention to the problem "chimney" not only by operators in the sector, such as plumbing and heating technicians, builders and maintainers, but also and especially by the owners construction and condo administrators , first to pay the price of a Fumaric system unprepared for the season.

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The chimney

The chimney is that element of construction that serves the conveying of fumes from a burning from within a room or the combustion chamber to the outside.

Traditionally it is made of brick or stone associated with malta.o of metal pipes of various kinds, mostly in stainless steel (single wall pipe, double wall, flexible single wall with smooth interior).

technical divides what is generally called chimney into three parts:

Channel smoking

The technical standards (UNI 10683), under the definition of the components of the exhaust fumes produced by a burner, sets the channel to be smoke conduit or connecting element between the generator and heat chimney. It is usually made of metal (steel or painted steel, cast iron, etc.).


The chimney is the last part of the chimney, most often referred to as chimney. Assumes different forms according to local traditions or architectural styles.

Features and operation

The chimneys can be built up (eg bricks during construction of the roof) or precast (mostly in brick or metal)

The function is to disperse in the smoke and other combustion products. It must also prevent the penetration of foreign bodies (rain, snow, birds or more) for this reason the majority of chimneys has coverage fenestro to let out the smoke, but as to protect this.

The operating principle is very simple: in the absence of air currents external smoking quit anyway being lighter than air. In the presence of wind efficiency increases as the chimney takes advantage of the Bernoulli principle: that if a current of air passes over the opening of the chimney, it creates a sort of aspiring suck the smoke from the barrel by increasing the speed of exit. Is thus increased draft.

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